Every student in Fuenllana has the opportunity to become bilingual, and on Friday 11 October we had an event that showed how much the English Department is working every day and every year to reach this goal. All the students from Primary and Secondary Education who did Cambridge University exams last June received their certificates for each of their levels.

The students, their English teachers and the Language Assistants were gathered in the Auditorium. The first ones to receive diplomas for the Preliminary English Test were some girls who are now doing 3º and 4º ESO. After that, the certificates for Primary students were given: Starters for students in 3º EP, Movers for those in 5º EP, and Flyers for girls doing 1º ESO.

After some months preparing the students for these exams, and taking their good results into account, we see that the effort that all English teachers do is really worthwhile. So, this year we will go for it again!

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